RIM dominates the top selling smartphones in Q3

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The BlackBerry Curve 8300 was the top selling smartphone in the US again, according to the NPD Group. RIM beat out the iPhone 3GS and 3G which came in second and third. What really drove home sales for RIM was taking the rest of the top 5 with the Tour and Storm.

NPD is saying the BOGO campaigns (Buy One Get One) were largely responsible for the Curve taking the lead, and prices for the devices are lower than ever. Globally, prepaid BlackBerry plans are driving sales, and regions such as Asia and Latin America are going to be big revenue generators for RIM.

  • Bleu
    If I remember correctly numbers do not lie....Bravo RIM for showing you will get love if you give it.
  • rh
    Oops, that last comment was wrong. Bravo, iphone 3g for taking the #3 spot!
  • rh
    Actually, the Pearl is #3, and the iphone 3g is #4.
  • Tom
    Skewed stats. Curve series is available on all majors, whereas the competition is carrier or network exclusive. What are the total numbers?
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