Great deals from Twinkler, Toysoft, Fabian Heuwieser and Trimax84


Some great developers have got together to announce some huge sales. Twinkler, Toysoft, Fabian Heuwieser and Trimax84 Themes are selling 61 apps at discount prices so be sure to check it out and see if there is something you like.

Starting today and going through Sunday (November 30th), all apps will be 50% off. You can buy as many as you want and the same deal applies.

To take advantage of these deals, use the following coupon codes:

Fabian Heuwieser – Coupon BFFH
Twinkler Software – Coupon BFTW
ToySoft – Coupon BFTS
Trimax84 Themes – Coupon BFTR

While there are a total of 61 apps on sale, the developers are best known for particular apps you will definitely want to check out including:

Fabian Heuwieser is featuring LaterDude Pro which simply reminds you to call, SMS or email someone by creating a reminder in your calendar. Fabian also has TyperSpeed, VibandRing, WallpaperShuffle and BlinkWhileCall on sale as well.

Twinkler Software, is featuring AddOnis the “Swiss-Army Knife” of applications with integrated vibration options, LED management, Call Firewall, and Send To Contacts, Calendar, Memopad, or Tasks. Also on sale is their latest app WiFi Hero, which will automatically turn your BlackBerry’s WiFi on and off in the presence or absence of WiFi – thus saving battery life.

Toysoft is featuring PictureID which displays full screen picture caller ID and allows the user to assign different picture ID’s for different contacts. Also on sale is ProfilerPro, which automates scheduled sound profile switching and integrates with both the Calendar and AddOnis applications.

Trimax84 is selling the Elverado series for the Curve/Pearl/Storm devices. His newest series, Momentum, known as “The Theme in Motion” is compatible with the Tour, Bold (9000/9700), and 8900, and it’s also on sale.

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