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Repping the BlackBerry Storm2 in BLKBerry 2.0 by Swindoe


Just read Ronen’s post about the track BLKBerry 2.0 by rapper Swindoe. The track is actually really catchy but the best part is how he shouts out his own PIN. It reminds me of back when Mike Jones used to give out his real phone number (281-330-8004).

Kindle App for BlackBerry Coming Soon



Adam over at CB got a tip about the upcoming Kindle app for BlackBerry. The app will give you access to Kindle books without the need to purchase a Kindle, and it will automatically sync your last page read and annotations between devices. It seems the app won’t have any support for newspapers, magazines or blogs, but you get the whole Kindle book library at your disposal.

Speaking of Kindle, has anyone tried the UnSwindle app? For those not familiar with UnSwindle, a developer named iHeartCabbages created an app that circumvents the Kindle DRM protections. The app was developed to help make books more accessible, in celebration of the Right to Read.

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BlackBerry App World Still Leads in Most Expensive Apps


app platform pricing

GigaOM and Mobclix have put together a nice chart showing the average cost of a paid application on each smartphone app store. We have talked a few times about how App World has the highest priced apps relative to the other smartphones, and to date, it still leads by over a $1 compared to the next highest Windows Mobile. RIM should be much more active in helping developers drive these prices down. At the very least, App World needs a better promotional system similar to the BlackBerry Cool Store, so they can offer a Deal of the Day, BOGO campaigns and MobileHeist sales.

Custom LED Colors for Your BlackBerry Contacts With IdentifyMe


IdentifyMe is a simple app that lets you use custom LED colors for your BlackBerry contacts. This app is going to be particularly useful for anyone who wants to put their device on silent, and be notified silently if a particular contact is trying to get in touch.

IdentifyMe is available for $3.99 in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

Starting a Diet for the New Year? BlackBerry App World Has Apps for You



The New Year is upon us and I know some of you out there are looking to start a diet or get in shape. There are some apps in App World that are worth checking out and can help you with that New Year’s resolution.
Click through for some helpful apps in App World that can help with your resolutions

Business Card Reader for BlackBerry by SHAPE Services



SHAPE Services has a new app that is a must-have for anyone attending conferences such as CES in January. Business Card Reader lets you scan a business card and the contact information is added to your BlackBerry address book. This app supports newer BlackBerry devices such as the Storm, 8900, Tour, 9700 because the app requires a decent camera with auto focus. Business Card Reader even supports French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Business Card Readers costs $9.95 and they have a 7 day free trial so you can check the accuracy for yourself.