Gwabbit announcing free version next week

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Gwabbit will be releasing a free version of their automatic contact “gwabbing” app. The free version of gwabbit will include a new alerting feature that informs contacts via email when their contact information has been added to a friend or colleague’s address book using gwabbit.

Personally, I would find this a little embarrassing and I don’t think I would use it. As much as I like gwabbit, there is something invasive about using my email to market your product.

  • Cali
    What a P.O.S. marketing move this is. Like I want people (and the developers) to know when I have added their contact info to my address book.

    Can you spell invasion of privacy? There should be a somewhat limited or an ad-supported version for this freeware. I'll wait until freeware or OS 5.1+ includes this feature automatically.
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