Trapster updated to version 3.5 with custom alerts and new UI

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Trapster let us know that they have updated their application to version 3.5. Updates to the latest version include:

  • Virtual Radar(R) dynamic alert area narrows and elongates based on velocity and direction of travel.
  • Trap filters allow users to customize what types of alerts they want, for example possibly a user only wants to hear “police often hide here” alerts if they are of at least medium credibility, and does not want to hear speed camera alerts at all.
  • Custom sound themes, to the voice of Arnold, Austin Powers, Yogi and Booboo, and more.
  • Native BB UI (no more DOS looking dialog boxes).
  • Improved signup process.
  • Manual location setting for BlackBerry’s that don’t have GPS, or have blocked GPS.
  • It has been tested on the Storm, Storm 2, Tour, and Bold.

This app is getting exponentially better as more users sign up and build a bigger database of speed traps. Oh yeah, and don’t speed, it’s dangerous.

Download the latest version of Trapster from

  • Kyle Kemper
    i'll show u dangerous.
  • Bradley
    Speeding is not dangerous. Driving carelessly, large speed differentials and close proximity to other cars is dangerous.
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