Visible Vote updated to version 1.5 with more democratic features

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It has been a couple months or so since we last updated you on Visible Vote for BlackBerry. They have just launched version 1.5 of the app, which is available on App World, and they’re up to 56,000 users.

Since the last update, there are three major features to check out:

    1. One Click Call Your Reps - You can now call each rep that represents you with one click of a button inside the app
    2. Universal Comments - You can now leave comments on reps and bills for the entire Visible Vote community to see and respond to
    3. Verification Program on Signup - You can verify your account via text messaging, this is optional but some legislators have said it would be useful.

Visible Vote have also applied to become a BlackBerry partner, so they can get access to the BIS protocol. This means older BlackBerry models will soon be supported.

Download Visible Vote from App World or the Visible Vote site.

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