FlightView lets users track flights and manage flight plans

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FlightView is a new app on App World that lets users track flights, manage their travel plans, and stay on top of national delays at major airports. The app also gives you an overhead view of where the plane is located, just like the one they often show in-flight (pictured above).

Features overview:

  • Track flight in real-time on a map with radar weather overlay.
  • Capture all the details of travel with a notes function.
  • Get alerts that synchronize into the BlackBerry calendar – without even having it open.

Check out FlightView in App World, it costs $4.99.

  • Kate_FlightView
    Here's the link for BlackBerry App World: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content...
  • Kate_FlightView
    Hi War_Eagle75,

    The FlightView app is now available for Bold, Tour, World, Pearl and Curve models.

    Safe travels!
  • War_Eagle75
    This app only works on the curve series...... thats not what I wanted to hear since I travel alot and have a bold.
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