RIM has isolated and resolved the BIS outage

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The WSJ is reporting that RIM has isolated and resolved the BIS issue that affected some BlackBerry customers this morning.

“Some customers may still experience delays as email queues are processed,” RIM said in an emailed statement. “RIM is continuing to investigate the cause of the issue and apologizes for any inconvenience.”

According to a Sprint spokeswoman, Crystal Davis, the outage was caused when something went awry during a maintenance check. She goes on to say the outage began at 3AM and even though users were experiencing delays in receiving emails, BBM was not affected.

Anyone still experiencing slow email on BIS?

  • Rodrigo Romero
    fuse with google and let them have push technology, then use their mail servers...infinite performance all over the world.

    Plus the two companies share a lot in comon...many apps together and google is entering the phone market. RIM can provide the cell technology, the devices, appworld (base), push technology, surepress, suretype, cryptology and security, Google can put ANDROID under all these, add their cloud for computing and info sharing with all the carriers, use googledocs (offline too) instead of documents to go, chrome instead of the BB browser, then merge the BES and BIS with google apps premium and standard respectively, google maps and latitude intead of the maps program, their search engine. The R&D for software coming from GOOGLE would improve A LOT, what we get from RIM, and a couple of extra bucks into the devicess develpment wouldnt hurt. It's time to see a Storm3 with html5, flash, more multimedia and device management (OS independent, and better if it comes through a webapp), 32GB included, a battery fused inside, more raw power on ram/rom/processor, 3mpx camera and video recording and follow the google GREEN Environment road in the manufacturing. If most apps are webapps, then the update process is easier than what we have now...google apps is updated almost each month, sometimes on a week to week basis and it is transparent for the user, less downloads, less to worry for the user.

    if this device lasts 2yrs on HEAVY usage. that's it. Pearl, Curve/Bold and storm...just 3 device choices.

    i'm asking a lot i know...but this would work very very nice for consumers and for both companies...it's time to see if RIM is ready to take the ball and run for it to score big.
  • Susan
    I was getting some of my emails but I'm not getting my emails as of 5pm EST. This is frustrating!
  • NickC
    I can send emails but still can't receive anything.
  • DavidB
    My two Verizon BlackBerry started receiving email about 13:30 EST here in Washington DC area.
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