BlackBerry Tip: Using Autotext Macros to Display a Time Stamp

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With AutoText, you can actually insert Macros or shortcuts for other functions such as display the current time and date, your PIN number, owner information or even simulate pressing the backspace or delete keys. Here is how:

1. Create a new autotext entry by going to Options > AutoText > Menu > New. Under Replace, use “ts” (“Time Stamp”).
2. Scroll down to With and press the MENU key and select “Insert Macro”. TIP: All macros start with the percent sign (%).
3. Now, just scroll up or down and select the macro you want. In this case, we want a short date (%d) which is the “mm/dd/yy” format.
4. Type a SPACE and “-“ then SPACE, then insert the short time (%t). The field should now read “%d - %t”.

Now whenever you want to put the current date and time, just type your new entry: “ts” and press SPACE. You will now see something like 1/31/2009 - 9:25a whenever you type “ts” then SPACE.

This tip was provided by Gary Mazo from his recently released book with Martin Trautschold entitled BlackBerry Bold 9700 Made Simple.

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  • wut32
    Thanks! Mad handy! Loading up my 'berry with mad auto-text shortcuts now!
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