Rumor: New Business Category Expected from App World in 2010


The My Company category in App World will showcase apps that your employees need. I know, it’s a terrible Photoshop.

Back in May, I wrote a article about what to expect from App World in 2010. Basically, the idea is that App World is a consumer portal, but there are plans to build it as a portal for business as well.

Since then, I’ve learned that App World is going to feature a category called something like My Company. The My Company category will be a portal for your organization to populate with apps that your company has deemed important to the success of each department.

For example, sales teams would click on the My Company category (will be called something else) and browse to their sales team section. From there, they will find a list of applications that the company wants all their sales force to have such as a CRM application. Human resources would have a similar tab, where they might download the LinkedIn application, or the company’s own in-house HR tools. New employees might be able to find training software and video in their section, improving an organization’s ability to get a new hire up to speed.

The above is all very much rumor and I’m only speculating on pieces taken from various sources. The major details missing here is how exactly companies will plug into the custom App World. Also, as this is very much in the early development stages, by the time it launches it may function differently, even though the concept will be the same.

I’m not sure on a launch date for all of this. It could come as late as the next BlackBerry Developer Conference or as early as WES 2010.

What do you think? Is this something your organization could benefit from?

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