Awesome new music app Kik arriving in Canada Jan 2010

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The BlackBerry Developer Conference this year featured the BlackBerry Final 16, where 16 great apps were chosen as the best in App World. The first presenter was Ted Livingston from Unysnced who rebranded their music service as Kik, an awesome DRM-free MP3 player.

The app gives you 3 free plays of any song, and also lets you send it to a friend to hear as well. If you like the song, you can continue to listen to it after your 3 free plays, in exchange for listening to a brief ad. You can also purchase the song right from your BlackBerry.

Everyone who signed up at Dev Con have been getting notifications that Kik will launch in January for Canadians with the US soon to follow.

Sign up for notifications at the Kik site.

  • Ted Livingston
    Thanks for the post guys! Really appreciate the support, and looking forward to blowing everyone away in 2010. Just wait until you see the desktop side...

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