Glide OS launches free BlackBerry app for micro-blogging

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Glide OS is an ad free cloud storage and computing solution that provides a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 20GBs of storage. While I haven’t tried the OS, I like the idea of all my apps and desktop sitting in the cloud, to free up resources for my hardware.

Glide have announced a free BlackBerry app for the Glide OS, which is definitely worth checking out. The app is called Glide Engage and it’s a mobile and web microblogging and collaboration tool that supports 1,400 character posts (not 140), file and media sharing, and distribution options to simultaneously post on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The app supports newer devices such as the Storm, Tour and Bold 9700, but older devices will have to wait.

Download Glide Engage for the Storm, Tour or Bold 9700.


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