S4BB Best Selling Apps on Sale for 99 Cents

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S4BB are having a sale for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, where they’ll be offering all their apps for 99 cents. Some of the apps on sale include:

ActionPad - ActionPad is a replacement application for the original BlackBerry MemoPad. It provides quick access to memos for boosting your productivity and memo encryption to ensure security.
BatteryBooster - Boost your battery’s current runtime!
BBtris - BBtris is the famous brick-combiner everyone knows.
CIA World Factbook 2009 - All information you need for more than 270 countries and territories by the Central Intelligence Agency based on the most recent data.
Flashlight Pro - Flashlight Pro allows you to use your BlackBerry® as a flashlight and emergency morse-device. Now with camera flashlight support!
FlipSilent Storm Only - Just flip the phone when a call is incoming to turn it silent.
MemoryBooster - Boosts your device speed by recovering wasted memory.
Menstrual Calendar - Use your BlackBerry to keep track of your period.
MessageForward - MessageForward automatically forwards a copy of all incoming SMS text messages to any email address you provide.
MessageSchedule - MessageSchedule helps to release your SMS and E-mail at the right time!

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