Thoughts on the Future of Location Based Services and BlackBerry


VQ CarFinder is an example of a creative use for GPS on BlackBerry

InfoExecutive asked me about LBS technologies and how they are currently being used in the BlackBerry space, along with my thoughts about where they will be in 5 years. I’m by no means an expert on this sort of thing, but here at BlackBerry Cool, we’ve covered a wide variety of innovative companies in the space, and it’s definitely an exciting time for the technology.

Here are some quotes:

On where I think the technology is currently:

“Currently, location aware applications are most visible in the consumer market,” he said. “Location based services like Loopt add a new dimension to social networking, and services like Poynt make finding relevant local information easier to discover.” In enterprise, McInnes said, GPS-enabled BlackBerry devices make device management more cost effective, allowing IT administrators to find lost or stolen devices. “Many organizations have custom-built location solutions for scenarios such as tracking fleets or red-flagging points in infrastructure,” he added.

On where I think it’s going:

McInnes believes the near future holds some interesting prospects for both consumers and enterprise. “For consumers, the world around us will become increasingly small, with local content becoming more accessible. Everything from social networks to music services can benefit from serving local content,” he explained. “In the enterprise space, location-based services will help organizations manage their assets more effectively, allowing them to cut costs and learn more about their business. In tandem with technologies such as RFID, an organization can track products, employees and customers, allowing those with a BlackBerry to have a wealth of information at their fingertips.”

Read the full article, Make way for geolocation services in the enterprise, by Richard Bray at InfoExecutive.