Starting a Diet for the New Year? BlackBerry App World Has Apps for You



The New Year is upon us and I know some of you out there are looking to start a diet or get in shape. There are some apps in App World that are worth checking out and can help you with that New Year’s resolution.

RoadRunnerGPS - RoadRunnerGPS is a feature rich app for fitness enthusiasts. The app uses GPS features to provide feedback for joggers and walkers on their time, speed, distance, pace and calories. $4.99 in App World.

Pocket Trainer - An interactive fitness app that tracks your progress and automatically advances you to the next level when you’re ready. It offers high quality video and written descriptions for each exercise. $12.99 in App World.

Stretches at Desk - No time to exercise? Every little bit counts, Stretches at Desk walks you through a few quick stretching exercises to help your muscles stay loose. $2.99 in App World.

FoodGauge - Making the right food choices can be hard. FoodGauge uses a simple rating system to help you better understand nutrition labels and make healthier choices. $2.99 in App World.

Calorie Counter - Calorie Counter by Fat Secret lets you quickly find counts for your favorite foods and keep track of what you’re eating. FREE in App World.

Weight Loss Sensei - This app creates a personalized, healthy meal plan complete with recipes and shopping lists based on what and where you like to eat. $9.99 in App World.

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    Thanks for those great weight loss apps. And the picture of Richard. Gotta love him.

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