Happy New Years from BlackBerry Cool!


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It’s that time of year when we sit back and think about the year that has passed. We think about our accomplishments and setbacks, and ponder how we can improve in the year to come. I’m sure RIM executives have their own, but I think a good Top 5 would include:

1. Not let email or BBM go down more than once.
2. Release a WebKit based browser that will make the competition worried.
3. Release a touchscreen and keyboard combo form factor.
4. Improve App World beyond the competition. Stop keeping up with the Johnsons.
5. Bring manufacturing costs down by at least 10%.

What would your New Year’s Resolutions for RIM be?

3 Responses to “Happy New Years from BlackBerry Cool!”

  1. 1 hiroyuki

    Make apps cheaper!

  2. 2 Caspan

    A free upgrade every year to your favorite device :)

  3. 3 Jamesy

    RIM needs to be sucessful if they do :

    1) stylish devices
    2) new webkit browser
    3) make apps cheaper
    4) newer version for all blackberry devices every 6 months
    5) have many apps just like iphone do

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