Coming Soon: Laptop Backup Solution for BlackBerry from Clickfree


Clickfree and Storage Appliance are set to launch the Clickfree Traveler for BlackBerry; a micro-SD memory card with preinstalled backup software that lets you back up as much as 16 gigabytes of data. Due to the limitations of the micro-SD Card, the solution won’t be helpful for backing up video, but it will be ideal for documents and smaller files. The backup process will be much like how you backup your BlackBerry on your laptop: just plug in and run the software. The data is also encrypted and accessible via password.

The Clickfree Traveler for BlackBerry ships on April 5th. No word yet on price. The company is also going to launch a larger 32GB micro-SD Card, for those who need more backup space.

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    This is just what I was looking for the other day