KGB Answers Launches for BlackBerry

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The successful text answer service kgbkgb (542542), have announced their BlackBerry app kgb Answers. The app is available for BlackBerry devices such as the Curve 83xx, 8900, 8800, 9000, Tour and Storm 9500. The app is a free download, and with the BlackBerry app, answers are accompanied by maps, addresses and phone numbers, which can then be shared by SMS, email or Facebook. As with the SMS service, the first 3 questions are free, and subsequent answers are 99 cents.

Personally, I have never found a question I couldn’t answer with Google, but perhaps KGB Answers will tackle some of the more difficult questions like “what is the meaning of life?”. I’d pay 99 cents for that answer.

While the app is said to be available on App World, I personally can’t find it. Instead, you can get it from

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