RIM Unveils the BlackBerry Presenter for Powerpoint Presentations

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BlackBerry Presenter

RIM have just introduced the latest BlackBerry accessory, the BlackBerry Presenter. The Presenter is a compact, lightweight, accessory that lets you easily present PowerPoint files wirelessly from your BlackBerry (and 3rd party Bluetooth enabled devices).

Here are the specs for the BlackBerry Presenter:

Features of the BlackBerry Presenter include:

  • Supports 24 animations and 55 transitions.
  • Loop Mode - You can set the time between slide transitions and leave BlackBerry Presenter running as you deliver your presentation. The on-board memory can support up to 100 slides.
  • Freeze mode - Find the slide you need to reference by freezing the slide on screen so you can freely browse through the rest of your presentation on your BlackBerry without changing what’s on the display. Once you’ve reached your target slide, unfreeze the presentation, and your new slide will be presented.
  • Speaker Notes Available - Available on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, view speaker notes while you present, change slides, and navigate your presentation directly from your BlackBerry.
  • Upgradable application - Download updates for the BlackBerry Presenter device software for added features and functionality.

I can see this accessory being very helpful for your average light weight Powerpoint presentation. For example, if you have a weekly scrum meeting at your office, where you’re not trying to dazzle anyone but simply get the week’s progress across to the other employees, this would be the ideal accessory.

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