TiVo Release Analytics About BlackBerry Marketing vs Palm

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According to a recent study by TiVo of its users, Palm ads were skipped over less often than BlackBerry ads. Palm ads were less skipped overall in households with incomes over $150,000, and they were also shorter. Around 97% of Palm ads ran for about 15 seconds, and they logged 30% less fast-forwarding than 30 second ads.

BlackBerry ads were also much longer, with 26% of BlackBerry ads running for a full minute, resulting in 4% more fast-forwarding than the 30 second versions. There was also a greater number of BlackBerry ads, which were better positioned than the Palm advertisements, reflecting a much larger marketing budget.

This research, while it doesn’t tell us much about the effectiveness of one campaign over the other, is still interesting in itself. The fact that Palm devices like the Pre are newer and less familiar, means their ads are probably more likely to attract viewers. Also, since BlackBerry ads were “more plentiful”, people probably skipped over the ads having already seen them.

In the most recent quarterly earnings report from RIM, Jim Balsillie talked a lot about the effectiveness of the recent Love What You Do marketing campaign at RIM. So while TiVo users are skipping through the ads more than for those of the competition, I think it’s safe to say that the campaign is still effective in selling devices.

  • Ahmed Eltawil
    Do you think people in households with incomes over $150,000 read those analytic researches? FAIL!
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