Rogers and RIM Planned BlackBerry Outage on January 17th at 2AM

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Blackberry-outage are reporting that Rogers and RIM have a planned outage on January 17th between 2AM and 6AM EDT. The outage will affect both BIS and BES systems and while some users have received emails saying the outage will only last 10 minutes, I personally have never heard of an outage being that short. I don’t think users will mind this outage so much as it’s planned, but at the same time it’s frustrating for them to be planning outages so soon after their consecutive unplanned outages. At least most of us will sleep through it.

  • GaDgEtMoN
    Could it be an upgrade to the system to support UMA(TAlkspot) for the Blackberry 9700? T-Mobile seems to have it right, why not Rogers!?
  • LarryLar
    I haven't got no notice from Rogers. Wonder what and why?
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