New Report Focuses on the Secureness of BlackBerrys on BIS

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SMobile’s Global Threat Center (GTC) has released a research study on proof of concept malicious applications that could potentially infect the BlackBerry platform. The paper concludes that there are certain instances of attacks that may be successful in bypassing BlackBerry’s security framework, and poses a significant risk to the confidentiality of the user. Since SMobile Security is in the business of creating anti-virus protection for mobile, it’s obviously in their best interests to release a report exposing “significant risks”, but nonethless they may be on to something.

The report was created using a Proof-of-Concept malicious application that focuses specifically on a BlackBerry using the BIS network. These BlackBerrys run on a weakened security platform when compared to the BES, and are primarily protected using a permissions accepted or denied by the user. Some of the questions this report brings to mind are: is the increasing number of BIS subscribers, going to affect the overall security of the BlackBerry platform? What will a primarily BIS customer base do to the reputation of BlackBerry as the most secure platform? Are permissions enough to protect a user who is new to smartphones, and may not know the harm a malicious application can cause?

Download the full report here.

  • Donovan
    BAH! Great news report. However this proof of concept seems to highlight only those users that could (not would, but "could" because permissions would have to be granted by the end user directly) be affected by downloading apps outside of the BlackBerry App World.

    All the more reason for App World to be the source of most of your 3rd Party Applications.
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