foursquare for BlackBerry officially goes live

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Almost immediately after I put up the review, Foursquare became officially available so be sure to check it out. Foursquare version 1.03 has all the basics you would expect from the app and while there are a few frustrations, the overall experience is still really fun.

Try foursquare for BlackBerry by visiting from your browser.

  • Garrett
    I tried installing this on my BB Tour 9630 running OS It did not go well. The application would not run. When I performed a battery pull my BB displayed error 552 and would not boot. I had to remove the foursquare app from it via the desktop manager. After doing so my BB would successfully boot again.
  • greg
    just downloaded the beta version ... will I be directed to the newer version (once it becomes available)?
  • @Nan - haaha nice! Top of the charts.
  • Shawn
    Horrible on the Storm!
  • Nan Palmero
    I love playing this. It was a blast and I pwned Vegas during CES -
  • It's supposed to be live any minute now. Use the beta link if you want it and just be sure to check back soon. Here is the beta link:

    Also a version going around but not sure what version it is:
  • Chad
    links not working buddy.
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