BlackBerry Cufflinks for the Tuxedo-Wearing BlackBerry User

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BlackBerry Cufflinks are a pretty awesome accessory but they would be even more awesome if they were made out of pure platinum. I could see myself wearing these if I was either Jim Balsillie, or a millionaire eBay seller who sold unreleased devices (not like those guys are rich). Fifty dollars for the pair is a little much for a party gag but I’m sure someone is buying. Also, why make it out of 8800s? They should be Storms.

  • ales121212
    At the rate micro technology advances today, I wouldn't be surprised to see real cell phones the size of these cufflinks. I think they're nice, and a bit geeky, but they're probably made for blackberry enthusiasts alone.
  • Sterling Silver Jewellery
    These are really unique design. I just love them.
  • Eric
    They should actually just be the RIM logo and they could probably sell them for'd have to be a jackass to wear these ones...
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