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Guitar Studio: Beta Test a Cool New Guitar App for BlackBerry


LCAmobile is beta testing a new app for BlackBerry called Guitar Studio. The app lets guitar enthusiasts load Tab and Chordpro files on their BlackBerry and play them hands-free. The app has a 30,000+ chord library with fingering, built-in MP3 player and recorder and a tone based tuner.

Other features include:

  • Auto Scrolling of Tab and Chord files
  • Easy chord lookup while playing
  • MP3 Playback
  • MP3 Looping for hands free practice

To join the beta testing group, you simply have to join their forums and send them an email. Enjoy!

Giveaway: IUGO’s 2D Racer BlackBerry Game Cliffed



IUGO’s Cliffed game is a cool 2D scrolling racer that has been a big hit on the iPhone. It’s good to finally see some creative iPhone developers heading over to BlackBerry and hopefully they’ll make some good money, convincing other game developers to come over as well. IUGO are giving away 10 copies of their game Cliffed which features:

  • 12 unique and playful characters to choose from
  • Endless game play
  • Stylized, clean graphics
  • IUGO’s signature quality and polish

Drop us a comment and we’ll select 10 random entries for the giveaway.

For more about Cliffed, check it out in the BBCool Store. Be sure to take a look at Zombie Attack! as well.

InstantLog Updated with IMAP Mail Server Support



Twinkler Software let us know that they have rewritten InstantLog with increased reliability and new features. They’re also offering 20% until the end of the month.

InstantLog runs in the background and lets you choose to log incoming email and/or SMS messages to your native calendar and/or backup to IMAP email accounts (GMail optimized). InstantLog can also record all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to the calendar and/or IMAP account. There is also a Firewall feature that allows the user to define email and SMS messages that will not be logged for privacy purposes. In the latest version (1.6), InstantLog features:

  • Support of any IMAP Mail Server. (Optimal configuration is achieved using Gmail Account).
  • Support Gmail’s chat style messages.
  • UTF-8 encoding, multi-language support.
  • User Configurable Transfer Indicator when uploading message to IMAP Server.

Check out InstantLog in the BBCool Store for more information.

Migrating Smartphones: Switching from iPhone to BlackBerry



Something not often talked about is iPhone users migrating to BlackBerry. Customer satisfaction among iPhone users is very high. The reason for such a good score is that relatively little goes wrong with an iPhone. The iPhone is both simple and elegant in it’s software and hardware design, making for a trouble-free, and rewarding user experience.

Apple has build their reputation marketing their products as the “alternative” to the woes of mainstream computing. Throughout the company’s history, there have been several ad campaigns inviting people to switch platforms to Apple. Having a platform focused on ease of use, simple OS design, and a small product lineup has made choosing Apples’ products a “no brainer” kind of choice. To the people who are easily frustrated by traditional computing, it’s a great platform that gives them real piece of mind.
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Balsillie Helps Fund Canadian Tour de France Team


Old pic from a fundraiser. Balsillie (right) and Shane Pegg, sales manager at RIM (left).

Jim Balsillie seems to have moved on from hockey for the time being and has his sights set on the Tour de France. After an email from Lance Armstrong, Jim was introduced to Steve Bauer, a retired professional cyclist who won 14 yellow jerseys in the Tour de France in the 1990s. Bauer has been trying to create a Canadian Tour de France team for a long time now but with a lack of funding it wasn’t happening. Balsillie has stepped in and today Bauer will unveil his new team at a Toronto press conference.

Video of the BlackBerry Magnum Shows SurePress Tech


The BlackBerry Magnum is the a hybrid touchscreen and QWERTY device that is encased in a Bold 9000 form factor. Cellguru has an engineering version on hand and after having previously posted pics, he now has some video up. The device doesn’t have an OS loaded on it because it’s clearly very early in the engineering phase. Everyone I’ve spoken to says this device isn’t going to make it to market, which is a shame because I love the form factor and I would definitely buy this device. What do you think?