Gowalla LBS App Coming to BlackBerry “Very Soon”

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Checking-in is becoming a hot trend in the smartphone space these days with Foursquare, Yelp, Loopt and Gowalla all competing for users. Gowalla is a popular LBS app for iPhone that are making the move over to BlackBerry, perhaps in light of Foursquare’s recent success with the platform.

According to Gowalla founder Josh Williams, BlackBerry users can expect to see a Gowalla app “very soon.” Until then, you can always use the web version at m.gowalla.com, but it can’t compete with the foursquare beta app. I personally find it’s always best to have an app.

What do you think of either of these apps?

  • Felipe Cerda
    We'll have to see how it is. I've been using foursquare exclusively because of the BlackBerry support and a much better mobile web version (before downloading the BlackBerry app.)
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