T-Mobile BlackBerry Storm2 Launches This Month

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T-Mobile have announced the Storm2 will be available in February, with no specific date mentioned. Embedded in the announcement is also Phil Lander, T-Mobile account director at RIM, confirming that RIM will launch their official Twitter client shortly (maybe this month).

[Hat tip @simonsage]

  • Ron
    I would love to have this phone. I really hope that this is coming to the US.
  • JustinB
    This stinks. I got really excited when I saw this and thought that it was coming to T-mobile US. I had the Storm 1 unlocked on T-mobile since it came out and grew to love it once the OS's started getting better. I just sold mine and got the 9700 but I would definitely trade my 9700 for a T-mobile US version of the Storm2!!
  • Sam K
    Contrary to popular belief, the Storm2 is actually a really good phone and the original Storm became a lot better 6 months after it came out in June 2009 when they released OS Now with OS 5.0 it's even better. Yes I have both of them. My gf is now using my unlocked Storm 9530 with T-Mobile and I'm using the Storm2 9550 with Verizon.

    It would be really smart if RIM took the chipset from the Bold 9700 and made a Storm2 for T-Mobile US and AT&T so that it will have US 3G support. There are many people buying all the Storm models 9500/9530/9520/9550 from eBay, unlocking them and using them on T-Mobile US and AT&T even though they only get EDGE for data. There are huge discussion threads on Blackberryforums.com and Crackberry.com on how to get all the features working on T-Mobile US and AT&T.
  • Donny
    Wow I'm surprised nobody thought of T-Mobile = UK, as its the root of all T-Mobile services worldwide (partially owned by the German government), and not T-Mobile USA which this is not for.

    I've noticed the Storm2 growing in popularity this month all over my home town. Its insane!
  • DavidB
    Shame on you Kyle for not CLeaRLY stating in the article title (or even the body text) WHICH TMO...
  • Sam K
    I agree with you Raul because my gf just got the 9700 and she wanted a Storm2 but there's no version that supports T-Mobile US 3G frequencies (i.e. 1700MHz and 2100MHz). And the UMTS 2100 frequency in the Storm is only for Asia/Europe. It will not work for T-Mobile US.
  • Raul
    It's a good thing it will go to the U.K not the US because I just got my 9700 and wanted that one. If it came out now, I will feel shafted.
  • aaron
    T-Mobile UK.

    It's a device that will have:

    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
    UMTS/HSPA 2100 -> aka 3G in Europe Only
  • Sam K
    Since the original article is from the UK, it looks like T-Mobile UK. I think the original article on www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk wrote the wrong Storm2 model number. It should have put Storm2 9520 (not 9550) which is the GSM version. For some reason the specs for the 9520 on uk.blackberry.com indicate CDMA support as well which doesn't seem correct to me.

  • Justin
    will the UK 9520 work on us t mobile?
  • Ebscer
    I think this is for the UK. Although the article list the CMDA version which does not make sense for either T-mobile...
  • Dennis
    is this for tmobile us or tmobile uk?
  • Ebscer
    That is big (unexpected) news...
  • Bill
    Would that be T-Mobile US or ?
  • Robin
    I am so excited that Tmobile is getting this phone. After seeing the 9700 and how small it is , I decided right then I didn't want it. I currently have the Bold 9000.. I will be getting the Storm 2 for sure :)
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