WordPress for BlackBerry Now Available Free in App World


The WordPress app for BlackBerry is at version 1.0 and is now available for download in App World. This app was in public beta for some time, and is now available free in App World.

Features include:

  • Reworked UI layout for the main view, blog view, and media view.
  • Ability to upload videos from your media library.
  • New option to set media file properties (filename, caption, title, and position).
  • Created a new file browser that resembles the native BlackBerry file browser.
  • Big improvements in the speed at which you can view and manage comments.
  • Lots of optimizations for uploading photos and videos using base64 encoding.
  • Indonesian language support.
  • Improved French language support.

Considering the Wicked WordPress app by Screaming Toaster is $10 per year, it would be great if this free version ends up packing as many features.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry in App World.

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