Tips and Help with BlackBerry Voice Commands

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Voice Command can be a really annoying feature when it gets activated accidentally, but it’s also very helpful whenever you need some hands-free dialing. Voice dialing isn’t the only thing you can do with it though. Other commands include:

Call Extension” will call a specific extension.
Call [Contact Name] Home” will call the contact at their home number.
Check Battery” will check the battery status.
Check Signal” will let you know the strength of your wireless signal and whether or not you have “No Signal”, “Low Signal”, “High Signal” or “Very High Signal”.
Turn Off Voice Prompts” will turn off the “Say a command” voice and replace it with a simple beep.
Turn On Voice Prompts” turns the friendly voice back on.

Changing Your Voice Dialing Options

You can control various features of Voice Dialing by going into your Options and selecting “Voice Dialing”.

Change the “Choice Lists” – if you do not want to be confronted with lots of choices after you say a command. Your options here are “Automatic” (default), “Always On” or “Always Off”.

Sensitivity” – you can adjust the acceptance/rejection ratio of voice commands by adjusting the field that initially reads “Normal.” You can go up to “3 (Reject More)” or down to “-3 (Reject Less)”.

Audio Prompts” – can be enabled or disabled from this screen or by saying “Turn Prompts On/Off.”

Digit playback” which repeats the numbers you say and “Name playback” which repeats the name you say, can also be enabled or disabled.

Finally, you can adjust the “Playback Speed” and “Playback Volume” of the Voice Dialing app.

Voice Dialing/Voice Command Tips and Tricks

There are a few ways to speed up the voice command process. You can also customize the way that Voice Dialing works on the BlackBerry.

To make Voice Dialing calls quicker

When using Voice Command, give more information when you place the call. For example, if you say “Call [Contact Name], Home,” the Voice Dialing program will only ask you to confirm that you are calling him at home. The call will then be placed.

Give your Contacts Nick Names

Make a “Short Cut” entry for a contact – especially one with a long name. In addition to my “Matt Cameron” contact, I might also make a contact with the same information, but put “MC” as the name. I would then simply say: “Call MC”.

Got any more tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for your newly purchased BlackBerry, check out the Made Simple Learning guides.

  • Cary Hutchinson
    Blackberry voice dialing SUCKS! This phone has taken a 5 year step back. Nomatter how you slice it you will not pick a blackberry if you've any other smart phone. Another disappointment.

    Cary Hutchinson
  • JHannley
    I have tried accessing Voice Activated Dialing from the Options folder. I find there, three buttons: Choice Lists, Basic Prompts, and Reset Voice Adaptation. in Audio Prompts, I have three choices: No Prompts, Basic Prompts, and Detailed Prompts. I have tried selecting all of them but to no avail. I would like to restore the prompt "Say a Command". Without that, the hands free feature is not useful.
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