Valentine’s Day BlackBerry App Recommendations


RIM’s public relations department sent us over a list of their Valentine’s Day BlackBerry app suggestions. It’s interesting to see what developers RIM backs, and I wonder what sort of politics are at play. I’ve posted their recommendations, with my own thoughts about the apps they’ve selected.

Valentine’s Day Plans

Looking for the perfect romantic restaurant? With Poynt, you can search for restaurants, read reviews and save the location to your BlackBerry. Once you pick the spot, add it to your BlackBerry calendar and email the restaurant information to your date. (Free)

I couldn’t agree more. Poynt is a great app that delivers a ton of useful information at a great price, free.

Forgot to make a Valentine’s Day reservation, and now you’re in hot water? Book your reservation with the OpenTable app. With OpenTable, you can see availability and reserve your table instantly. (Free)

Poynt uses the OpenTable service to book reservations so why would anyone need the OpenTable app?

Looking for something even more special? Find events, shows, bars and clubs with Buzzd. Follow the “buzzdmeter” to see what’s HOT based on real-time Twitter, Buzzd and other social network posts. (Free)

I personally never really got into this app. There weren’t nearly enough users in my region to merit using it, and the recommendations of where to go were really lame and obvious. I’m sure this app is more fun in bigger cities with lots of users.

Trying to get in the mood this Valentine’s Day? Download the BlackBerry Valentine’s Day Theme. With light-up hearts and red writing, this theme will surely get you feeling the LOVE! ($3.99)

I really don’t recommend downloading this theme. The theme uses the default icons, and has a new wallpaper and red color scheme. It probably took Adorno about 15 minutes to create this app, and charging $3.99 is far too much. If they had created a unique icon set, put in some animations, or just a little more effort, it would be worth the price.


Looking for an easy and fun way to send your heartfelt love note? Or, are you waiting until the last minute to pick up your Valentine’s Day card? With Hallmark Mobile Greetings you can connect and send instant wishes to that special someone. (App is free; $0.99 a card)

If you really care about someone, take the time to write a letter.

Need a romantic gift fast? Send flowers and gourmet foods straight from your BlackBerry with 1-800-Flowers. Faster than a phone call, you can even order for same-day delivery to have it there ASAP! (Free)

There are some very mixed reviews of this app on App World. Many users complain that the flower selection is limited, the app is difficult to navigate, and the purchasing system is awkward. According to the reviews, it seems a phone call is actually better.

Use iGiftWise to get your gift right. It helps you remember things like favorites, sizes, potential and previous gifts, so you won’t give the same box of chocolates again next year. (Free)

Again, this app has 1 review and it’s very negative. Considering the app is free, I guess you have nothing to lose other than some memory, but it doesn’t seem like the app is too popular. I like the sound of the app and I’m definitely going to try it out myself.

Want to be really original and thoughtful? Build your loved one a customized radio station on Slacker. Include his or her favorite music to make it a truly “harmonious” Valentine’s Day. (Free)

You can’t go wrong with Slacker. I would have included a note that you can now gift Slacker, making for a good Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart.