Great Bar Game Comes to BlackBerry: Xonix World Tour


The developers of Labyrinth have launched a new game called Xonix World Tour. The game is a bar favorite where the goal is to reveal as much of the background as possible, while avoiding enemies. This is a fun game that is even better on Storm devices because it supports both the accelerometer and trackball.

Other features include:

  • 6 beautiful locations worldwide: Caribbean, Egypt, Alps, India, Antarctica and Jungle.
  • Various enemies: crabs, birds, bugs, butterflies, penguins and even Yeti.
  • Over 50 exciting levels.
  • Bonuses that help you to survive.
  • Clear graphics.
  • Music and sound effects.
  • High Scores table.
  • Coming in version 1.1: Save uncovered images as wallpapers for your BlackBerry.

More information available in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

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