BlackBerry Flashlight App Wars - Can you patent a flashlight app?

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There’s a great story developing right now between the various developers who make flashlight apps for BlackBerry. The flashlight app is one of the simplest apps to develop for not only BlackBerry, but probably any smartphone, and it’s the reason so many of the show up in App World and our store. One such developer is The Jared Company, who apparently have filed provisional patent for their flashlight app. There are rumors that a lawyer representing this company is sending emails to cease and desist other flashlight apps from selling because they infringe on this patent. It makes you wonder whether or not you can patent a flashlight app.

The email sent out to developers goes on to describe a patent that The Jared Company owns called a One-Touch-Flashlight for BlackBerry. The cease and desist letter asks the developer of a competing flashlight app to stop selling their flashlight application on BlackBerry App World, MobiHand and other sites.

  • rg
    It will be interesting to see if they contact me to get me to stop selling "Freelight". Oh wait, I don't sell it! It's FREE!
  • Concerned person
    I wonder if Michael and Steven Kader are related to the terrorist Omar Kader being held in Guantanamo Bay. My question to the Kaders is why do you hate America so much? Why do you hate the freedom of others that sell Flashlight apps?
  • kennynorton
    The lamest part is that all the "One touch Flashlight" does is open your video cam and defaults the flash on. It's one of the most bone head apps ever created. Should at least be color options or brightness options, which is most likely what the other flashlight app companies are doing.
  • Another Developer
    I hope people boycott The Jared Company. Jerks.
  • Caspan
    That's okay tell them you make an application hosted on BlackBerry App World not Blackberry Appworld, so he must have the wrong person. Also you would like a hard copy sent to your lawyers address. wait to see the response.
  • Eric at Ebscer
    Good thing we know that RIM is no fan of patent trolls, and won't cooperate with this nonsense.

    No one should ever pay money for such a simple app as this...
  • Mr Fish
    The Jared company's moto is

    "Smartphone Apps With Purpose"

    Yeah so who wants to boycot!
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