Gartner Release Breakdown of Mobile OS Market Share



Gartner have released their latest figures breaking down the mobile OS market between BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile et al. RIM are doing very well in second place with a 3.3 point gain bringing them to 19.9 percent market share. While Symbian is dominating the list, I’m personally more concerned with smartphone-based OSes that have a relatively vibrant developer community. With all that today’s modern smartphone can do, Symbian seems like a relic of a feature phone world that is almost obsolete.

As we pointed out in the IDC post, you can’t deny Apple’s market share growth rate. Apple is selling just 10M fewer units than RIM, and if the growth numbers remain constant, I can see them overtaking RIM. On the other hand, RIM still has some core business and technology advantages that can leave Apple in the dust.

For example, carriers are going to put an increasing amount of pressure on hardware manufacturers to be efficient with data. Apple have been pretty greedy when it comes to network consumption and if they lose the carriers’ confidence, we’ll be seeing the carriers’ marketing dollars shifting to BlackBerry. RIM are also going to see a tremendous amount of growth globally, while Apple are too rigid in pricing to be effective outside of first world countries. It’s safe to say that the next few years are going to be very interesting.

[Graph courtesy of TechCrunch]

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