Rogers Now Offering Better Roaming Rates for Canadians in US


Rogers have launched a new One Rate Roaming plan which is going to be really beneficial for anyone who travels to the US. For an extra $10 more per month than most Rogers regular domestic data plan rates, customers can now sign up for One Rate plans which allows them to use data in the U.S. as they would at home, and have it deducted from the same data bucket.

Here are the available One Rate plans:

  • $20 Personal Email on BB CDN/US.
  • $35 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 500MB CDN/US Plan.
  • $35 Consumer/Small business 500MB CDN & US Data Plan.
  • $40 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 1GB CDN & US Plan.
  • $40 Consumer/Small business 1GB CDN & US Data Plan.
  • $45 500MB CDN & US Mobile Internet Flex Rate Plan.
  • $50 DAP (for MSD customers) 1.5GB CDN & US Data Plan.
  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 1GB CDN & US Plan.

  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 500 MB CDN & US Flex Rate Plan.

*Prices listed do not include the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee. See fee for more information.

In addition to data plans, Rogers is offering One Rate value packs. For $50 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee), BlackBerry users can get 500 MB of data, unlimited SMS in Canada, enhanced voicemail and other features.

Overall, I think anyone roaming is going to save money on Rogers, but I think we still need to come down on prices. Smartphone adoption is being seriously held back in North America but data plan rates and we would all like to see them come down.