Verizon Backup Assistant Coming to BlackBerry March 9th

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Verizon have a pretty complicated system for transferring contacts from a feature phone to a BlackBerry. This is going to change soon as BerryScoop have received a tip that the Verizon Backup Assistant is coming to BlackBerry March 9th. This is going to make the contact transfer much easier, as users will just have to sign in with their PIN, and their contacts will be pulled from the database onto their device.

  • DavidB
    It was great having Backup Assistant on my old feature phone and I've missed it since moving to BlackBerry.

    And Rocky, this is nothing like how Sidekick works.
  • rockyhawthorne
    that has problems written all over it. look what happened with tmobile's sidekick, but this in this case important people are gonna lose contacts not a bunch of teens
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