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Research in Motion 4th Quarter Fiscal 2010 Conference Call Summary


RIM gave their 4th quarter fiscal 2010 conference call, and the reaction wasn’t great. It seems a lot of analysts and individuals who follow the industry are taking RIM’s focus on net subscribers coming from outside of North America as a sign of weakness. Overall, things aren’t looking bad for RIM considering net subscribers is up (higher than expected) and earnings rose 37%. Sure, revenue may have fell a little short of the $4.31 billion expected, but that’s easily attributable to the fact that RIM offer a wide-range of affordable smartphones, and consumers are naturally going for a low price due to tough economic times. RIM’s global, carrier-aligned, mixed product strategy is going to take them to places the competition can only dream of.
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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus Comes with T9 Style Keyboard


The updated Pearl 9100 has been showing up with a wide variety of keyboard styles. First, it was a SureType keyboard, then a small QWERTY, and now we’re seeing it in a T9 style. Currently, we don’t know much about the BlackBerry 9105, except that it’s rumored to be hitting the European market and Fido. The European market rumor makes a lot of sense as the device has a really European, SMS-centric look to it. Maybe the keyboard stylings are all designated for various carriers and what they believe will sell best. I’m thinking full QWERTY for Verizon, SureType for Fido, and T9 for Europe. We can expect the release date of this phone around the May/June time frame.
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BlackBerry Security Helps Drive Sales in Venezuela


RIM are making some great headway in Venezuela, and BlackBerry is the top selling smartphone in Latin America. In Q3 of 2009, BlackBerry accounted for 37% of smartphone shipments to Latin America, according to IDC. This is up from 14% the year previous.

What seems to be driving the growth, particularly in Venezuela, is the popularity of BlackBerry Messenger and the platform’s security. According to Douglas Ochoa, the VP of communications at Telefonica Venezuela, “Venezuelans are, how can you say it, mistrustful. So they’re looking for a way to communicate, to be connected, in a very secure way, and I think Blackberry has done that.”

Since BlackBerry was first introduced in Venezuela, sales have increased more than 100% per trimester, and the device, which costs anywhere from VEB869 (US$200) to VEB6,579 (US$1,530), depending on the model, has become a status symbol.

Guide to Improving BlackBerry Memory Usage and Deleting Waste


This guide is a little more for the beginner BlackBerry user and I’m just putting it out there in the hopes that someone finds it useful, or a reader can kindly contribute more suggestions for reducing memory waste. If you’re running an older BlackBerry, or you download a ton of apps, managing memory on your BlackBerry is pretty important. The first thing you’re going to want to do is check your memory status and see where you’re at. Go to:

Options > Status and check “File Free”. This is how much space you have on your device. There are other ways to check which we’ll go into later, but you’re going to want a good amount of breathing room here, at least 10000000 bytes (10 MB).
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Cool-Blue Phase Theme by Elecite Features Large Homescreen Icons


Phase is a new theme from Elecite that comes in a cool-blue color scheme. Phase features six large homescreen panels for quick access to your pics, options, browser, calendar, messages and address book. The icons are both unique are recognizable, a hard balance that any good theme needs to attain. Phase also features 9 customizable icon slots and it’s available for 4.7 and up.

Check out the latest Phase theme from Elecite.

FileScout Updated to Version with Image Viewer


FileScout, a great file manager that now comes with its own image viewer, allowing you to browser through all the images in a given directory. Storm users will also enjoy the ability to browser through pictures by touching the left or right side of the screen. The image viewing feature is also improved by the fact that FileScout caches theimages in a directory, but will only cache as much as your memory allows so as to not affect performance. The latest version also includes Bluetooth fixes, making this update an overall success.

For more about features and FileScout’s free trial, check them out in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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