Rogers Launches Official Blog RedBoard

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Rogers have been pretty active in the social media space with a wide variety of Twitter accounts and now an official blog. It reminds me of a lot of what RIM are doing with their official blogs and Twitter accounts. It’s still not clear what these huge organizations hope to gain from using these social media initiatives, other than a few satisfied customers here and there. The fact is that these companies have an incredible reach, millions of individuals, and yet their Twitter accounts are really only reaching in the thousands. It’s not that I think the blogs and Twitter accounts are a bad idea, I just don’t know if it’s really going to get the PR response they’re hoping for. In any case, these companies have a lot of money and can afford to test any social media initiative. Hopefully these initiatives mean something for customers in the long run, and don’t serve to provide duplicate information that can be found elsewhere.

  • RogersMary
    Hi Kyle - Thanks for the post about our blog :-)

    Caspan, you've given me a great opportunity to talk about the RedBoard and Quick Start all at once :-) Today's post is all about how to customize the Quick Start Menu! Check it out at: Thanks!
  • Caspan
    Thank you so much for listening Rogers. I dont hate the guide but I find it useless so far. Unless Rogers changes it in the future to include useful stuff that is relevant to me then I dont think Ill ever use it.

    Personally I think Rogers should make searching for shows 10x easier then spending the money on this guide. The search functions on the set top is horrible. If i was to watch Lost I go to the Ls and then scroll for 2 minutes to get to the LO section just to find out I need to switch my day because it is not on that day and the only way to know that is it is not listed. The way this search should work is me typing in Lost some how with the remote and you show all listings close to my search. I chose a program and they it shows the listings for the show selected for the next week

    The next thing is showing all the channels you dont get. I should be able to hide all channels that I dont subscribe to. Just show me what I payed for. I knows it's advertising to show the other channels and be like "look what you could be watching". Really though If the users chooses let them only see what channels they can actually tune in
  • Caspan
    What I think Rogers needs to do is get rid of their interactive guide. Am I the only one on Rogers with this new black menu that no one uses? I just want my guide back. At least give us the choice to show the guide first then the interactive menu or vise versa. To push the guide button twice is driving me nuts. I have tried to use their interactive menu and there is nothing worth while in it. Who in their right mind approved this?
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