Verizon Pushes Social Beat to Users - Download Links Provided

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Social Beat is a really cool app for those who don’t have invites for Social Scope. Actually, it’s arguably better than Social Scope. The app connects you to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, Google Talk and has a list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to. A lot of users have pointed out that you can’t add feeds from sources like Google Reader, and the RSS section is really limited in functionality.

If you’re a Verizon customer, check your Applications folder for the Social Beat app. The app was previously only available for Curve 8530 users, but can now be found on all devices. If you have a Verizon device, but haven’t had it pushed to your Applications folder, you can always resend the service books or use on of the following download links (just substitute the device number):

Download Social Beat for the 9650 (should be called the Bold 9650?).
Download Social Beat for the Curve 8530.
Download Social Beat for the Tour 9630.
Download Social Beat for the Storm 9530.

  • Vez
    No link for BB Storm 9500, and more over the existing links are broken.
  • airist
    for sony ericsson w580i ????please help :(
  • champaigno
    thanks for forcing this on my phone now i have even less app memory...
  • justiceimages
  • Mark Schulte, Jr.
    What's the difference between the old Facebook app and Facebook within Social Beat?
  • Funaki
    No link for 9700??
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