Feature Packed VersaTool All-in-One App With 20 Giveaways


VersaTool is a collection of features that help make your BlackBerry more useful. We recently covered a similar app, FixMo Tools, and it will be great to see how the two products develop and compete for features.

VersaTool has a ton of features and small apps built into it, and it’s only in version 1.0. The first iteration of the product includes 10 enhancements, that provide a range of features such as canned responses and shortcut key popup menus. Continue reading because we have giveaways!

Official VersaTool features:

  • Alarms: Set as many nameable and snoozable alarms using whatever ring tones you like for any combination of days and times.
  • Canned Responses: Save short or long email clippings and combine them to reply quickly to common emails.
  • Auto Reply: Use email/PIN/SMS filters to automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response.
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: Bookmark URLs, popup menus, VersaTool applets and many other tasks to your BB home screen.

  • Popup Menus: Create menus to common tasks like emailing, calling or searching the web and assign them to home screen bookmarks or convenience keys.
  • Really Convenient Keys: The built in convenience keys limit you to one action: pressing a button. VersaTool allows you to assign actions to pressing, but also to pressing and holding and double pressing. You can also assign actions to the mute key and end key. Any action allowable by VersaTool is available as a target: Popping a menu, launching an app, launching a URL and more.
  • Run on Start: Have a favorite app that you’re always running that doesn’t allow run on start? Run on Start allows you to run any app when your BlackBerry starts up.
  • Run on Schedule: And why limit yourself to running things on startup? Run on Schedule allows you to schedule any action that VersaTool allows on any schedule you want.
  • Just Take the Picture: 9 times out of 10 when you want to take a picture of something, by the time you’ve got my BB out and unlocked you’ve lost the opportunity. Just Take the Picture allows you to take pictures from anywhere quickly, even while the device is locked (OS 5.0+ only).

  • Tip Calculator: Are you deficient in basic arithmetic like I am? Tip Calculator will make sure your deficiencies don’t penalize your wait staff.
  • Unit Conversion: Need to know how many angstroms are in a meter? Easy peasy with Unit Converter.
  • Weather: Bookmark the weather for your city to your home screen and see the weather at a glance. The home screen icon always shows the current weather and highs and lows for the day.

  • Device Actions: Use scheduling or menu items to perform device actions like enabling wifi, taking a screen shot or locking the device.
  • More to come!

Unofficial features:

(These features use undocumented or hidden BlackBerry features that may not be available on all current or future devices and OS versions)

  • Flashlight: (OS 5+ only) Use the brightest light on your berry, the video camera light, to show your way in the dark.
  • Standby: Set your berry to automatically standby when the backlight turns off.
  • Reboot: Schedule your berry to reboot to refresh your free memory.

VersaTool is available on a free 30 day trial and a very reasonable $4.99 afterwards. As per much of the software in the BlackBerryCool store, you get an additional 14 or so percent if you purchase in the first couple weeks.

Ok so how do you win a free copy? First, make sure to leave a comment with some means for us to reach you, whether it be Facebook, email or Twitter. Second, let us know what you would like to see in a future version of VersaTool. We have 20 to give away so there is plenty of room to win.

  • Kyle

    I have been using it since the beginning of the beta practically and I LOVE it.

  • GadgetDave

    This has a bunch of useful features!

  • http://nolandrew.com/ nolan

    looks cool. I'd like to see something to manage power usage.

  • http://twitter.com/RealMrFun Mr Fun

    I need to have this app, its very cool

  • paulq602

    This is great. How about add a GPS locator feature?

  • richard_t

    Interesting app. Looks like its going to give many stand-alone apps the cold storage. Well done!

  • Jim

    It would be really nice if the app had a feature to make one-click icons for some of your contacts as well. Being able to click someone's picture and give them a call makes things quick and easy! Count me in!

  • jakrzysztow

    Been beta testing for a while. Very responsive developer! Be cool to win this one!

  • jakrzysztow

    Been testing this for a couple of weeks as a light beta tester. Very responsive developer! Cool tool for sure!

  • DavidB

    So many features in such a small memory footprint. This app is a Storm owner's dream! I hope future versions can keep the memory footprint low.

  • http://www.simqual.com/ Glenn

    I really love the picture functionality without having to unlock and find the app. Awesome. Not sure what functionality I would like to add - yet…

  • Rob C

    I am using the beta version of VersaTool and find it to be really cool. I love the alarm, auto reply, and weather apps. I would love to see a new built-in app to schedule automatic reboots at a specified time to refresh memory. This is a great app!

  • yingzhengtc

    from what i saw from the trial, it could allow for more quick launch keys like “super qwerty” where you can set an app is linked to each letter on the keyboard.

  • pandaredpanda

    not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice to see an app to be able to lock the keyboard without having to set a password like how it was before the recent os upgrades. Now we can only lock out keyboard by going into standby or password lock it.

  • stormrider70072

    popup messages would be sweet. how you can read the first few words of the messages/sms/emails that you receive and the sender before you go into the inbox

  • demonpalm

    like a few ppl said already, world clock would be good.

  • Noahfingway

    pullllleeaaase pick me!

    I like to win

  • http://twitter.com/BryanSalek Bryan Salek

    Awesome list of features. The only other feature I'd like to see is to voice activate all of them.

  • dov717

    Would like a utility that would let me shut off the backlight during phone calls so I don't get that annoying whine in my ear. Sign me up!

  • KS Loh

    Woo, this is cool app, I love to have a copy too. It would be nice if the camera come with the zooming feature, thanks! Cheers!

  • tnpen

    I have tried VersaTool. It is a great app to have. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Rafferty/1342945938 Scott Rafferty

    Wow. What a great set of utilities. Would love to have it permanently.

  • http://www.pernici.net/ PieR

    count me in

  • http://www.pernici.net/ PieR

    count me in