BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of March 1st


It was an interesting week at BlackBerryCool because of all the news around the Pearl 9100, the Storm2 and the BlackBerry (Bold?) Slider. The BlackBerry Bold Slider is 100% real and looks like a really interesting form factor move for RIM. As long as the screen ratio is maintained, developers won’t have a hard time accommodating a new form factor, which means there really is no reason to go ahead and see if consumers want it. The only thing that I’m apprehensive about are the tiny keys. The QWERTY keypad looks very cramped which is a deal breaker for me but someone with smaller fingers wouldn’t mind.

Also big news is the rumor (semi confirmed by a BlackBerryCool reader), that the Storm2 is under recall at Verizon and they have received a shipment of new “enhanced touchscreen” devices. If your Storm2 has been unresponsive, bring it in to your local rep and try and get a new device. This could have a pretty big impact on RIM if the recall spreads to other carriers and countries.

The Pearl 9100 has also been in the news a lot this week. It seems the device might be getting a full QWERTY keyboard, which would make the Bold Slider’s look large. There are also rumors that the Pearl Flip is getting a similar update and might also have a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s all up in the air right now but still interesting news pieces.


FileScout Now Available as a Freemium App
Tungle Looking for Beta Volunteers for New Blackberry App
SHAPE Services Launch Free Version of IM+ Messenger
BBC iPlayer Available for Bold 9700 and Storm2 Over WiFi Via Mobile Site
Handmark Launches The New York Daily News App
TripIt Announces New Feature Called TripIt Groups
Verizon Pushes Social Beat to Users – Download Links Provided
Zoompass Announcements Bring Us Closer to Mobile Payments
VQ Mileage Tracker for BlackBerry With Automated Tracking
Slacker Adds Hip Hop Station Powered by The Source
First 1,000 Copies of Think and Grow Rich eBook Free
Timr Updates Time Tracking Software With Dashboards
Wine Enthusiast Guide for BlackBerry With Over 80,000 Wines


Love&Passion BlackBerry Theme by Hedone Design
Free Premium BlackBerry Theme Pure.Executive by Purelab
Free Premium BlackBerry Theme Clarion From Elecite

OS Software

Wind Release Official OS for Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and 8520
Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Now Available
First Images of the BlackBerry Storm3 Slider
More Details and Pictures Emerge of the BlackBerry Slider
Developers: Win $5000 in the Canpages API Contest
BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 to Get Full QWERTY Keyboard?
Sprint Launching the BlackBerry Curve 8530 in Red
Rumor: BlackBerry Storm2 Getting Improved Touchscreen and Recall
Rumor: Black and Pink BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Coming to TELUS
Limited Edition Canada Men’s Hockey BlackBerry Bold 9700

Contest Reminders

Feature Packed VersaTool All-in-One App With 20 Giveaways
Storm Picture Editing and Drawing App Radical Draw With 10 Free Copies


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Basic tips for improving BlackBerry battery life
Frequently Asked Questions About BES Express

  • Eric at Ebscer

    As a developer the issue I see with this slider is that the touch screen is no longer clickable. The result being that an application that is waiting for a click event won't work. Trivial to fix in most cases where I use it, but a different design that relied on the difference between touch and click would not work at all on this device…

  • Mike

    Not receving any E-mail AT MHIDER@BELL.BLACBERRY.NET is the Network down?

  • kylemcinnes

    That's a good point. For an application or game that relies heavily on the clicked screen, in many different instances, a developer could be really troubled by the Slider.

  • Kyle McInnes

    That's a good point. For an application or game that relies heavily on the clicked screen, in many different instances, a developer could be really troubled by the Slider.

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