UberTwitter Version 0.970 Available for Download

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UberTwitter have launched version 0.970 and they’ve included a nice changelog for those looking to see what specific updates and fixes have occurred. Some of the notable updates include the ability to opt out of sponsored tweets, delete direct messages and they’ve added a new shortcut for scrolling up your timeline (press ‘0′). Click the jump to see the full changelog.

The following changes have been made from 0.963 to 0.970

  • Java exceptions on device boot - Fixed issue where java exceptions would be reported on device reboot due to lack of permissions.
  • Opt-out of sponsored tweets - Users can now opt out of receiving sponsored tweets.
  • Goto User bug fix - Fixed bug where entering a user not in your timeline and then pressing trackball wouldn’t use the text you entered but instead find the closest match from your friends list.
  • Everyone Near You - Fixed bug where it wouldn’t uses your current location, and sometimes would revert to somewhere off the coast of Africa. Also increased the distance to a 10 mile radius, in the future we will let you select this.
  • Mini-Icon Notification - Fixed bug where if the app didn’t have certain permissions not related to the mini-icon, it still wouldn’t show the mini-icon.
  • Fine-Tuned control of visual notifications - There are now three settings each for the mini-icon and application icon so you can fine-tune the control over how you want each to notify you. Also, the number next to the mini-icon will only reflect the number of new tweets of the type it is tracking. For example, if you only set the mini-icon to track new DMs, then the number next to the mini-icon will only reflect the number of new DMs.
  • New short-cut for page-up - Added a new short-cut to page-up in the timeline, pressing ‘0′ (zero) will now page up in the timeline.
  • Instability when using cell location - Fixed bug that would cause instability in the app when using cell tower location.
  • 3G Cell Tower Inaccuracy - Fixed a bug in the cell tower location mechanism when 3G towers were being used.
  • Symbol Screen - Again reworked the symbol screen.
  • Secure Connection - Changed the default Twitter endpoint so your traffic will travel over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Deleting DMs - We now allow you to delete direct messages.
  • Constant permissions requests - Fixed bug where every time the app was started it would ask for permissions.

  • D. Williams

    Can't connect no matter what I do. I keep getting a Network Error message. All of my previous versions worked with no problem. I've double-checked my permissions, rechecked the options, rebooted, several battery pulls, checked & rechecked network settings…all were in vain. If it doesn't get corrected, I'm reinstalling version 0.964.

  • addictedtobb

    Odd…I didn't have ANY of these errors with the last version. Oh, well…here's to another upgrade and my phone taking 14 minutes to reboot

  • kylemcinnes

    I suspect the errors are on certain devices on certain carriers. You might be in a lucky spot.

  • Wattzee

    I've had the same issue, worked fine before the upgrade now won't work at all. BB Tour on VZW.

  • Felix

    can i have ver 0.964 ? i have same problem like you

  • tes

    I didn't have a problem with the old version at all. Now all I get is network error as well. I have a BB storm.

  • tes

    I didn't have a problem with the old version at all. Now all I get is network error as well. I have a BB storm.

  • Jess_rutledge

    I had no problems with the old version - I upgraded as requested and now I have NO TWITTER on my BB! I'm getting a Network Error and that's it. I have a Curve.

  • Jhon800

    Ubertwitter is Fuhcking up Now! :D

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