Zoompass App Now Preloaded on Bell Mobility Devices


Zoompass have announced that they are now preloaded on Bell devices and users should start seeing the app on the homescreen shortly. This isn’t breaking news because we know that Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, but it’s good to see how fast they’re moving. About a week ago, we saw the announcement that the Zoompass app was preloaded on TELUS, and at this pace we can expect a Rogers announcement next week.

Personally, I think an initiative such as this needs the major banks to sign on. While it’s convenient to be able to use the app to transfer money between friends, and the Zoompass sticker to use at PayPass locations, it’s still not enough. To truly have a mobile payment solution, we need a way for the BlackBerry to interact with a debit machine.