BlackBerry Bold 9650 Launch Rumored in May 2010

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There is a rumor that the BlackBerry Bold 9650, which we originally thought was going to be the Tour2 9650, will launch in May of this year. There is a lot of speculation about why RIM chose to go with the Bold 9650 versus the Tour brand, and most likely it’s because owners of the Tour 9630 would harbor some resentment that an update to their device came out so soon after they purchased their BlackBerry. To mitigate this possible PR disaster, RIM marketing have decided to go with the Bold label. It’s sort of funny how easy the general public can be misled with a simple marketing twist. Speaking of Tour devices, it also looks like a Verizon OS 5 upgrade will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks and will include PTT for an extra $5 per month.

  • vj
    Will it still be a world edition and take a SIM card? I really hope they don't drop that feature from the tour!
  • matthaze
    Can they just release it now WITHOUT PTT? I hope that feature won't ruin the phone. I know it's optional, but I won't be using it. I had one of Verizon's first PTT devices years ago, and will never use it, nor have a need for it again.
  • I'm thinking it has been long enough since the 9630 launch that they can push this out with the Tour brand and let us finally have it.
  • Eric at Ebscer
    I first thought this would be out around February...

    Certainly taking its sweet time to get released...
  • fastis
    Yea totally.. Im itching to upgrade from my 8330 to a trackpad device, but not to a 8530 of
  • needtoupgrade
    what is PTT?
  • Caspan
    Push To Talk
  • Caspan
    I'm curious to know what the screen resolution of this device is. I know after doing screen comparison that the Bold has its name because the pixel density of the screen makes the screen very crisp and clear, hence the Bold name. So if they follow suit on this device it might be a screen reference to have the Bold name on the end.
  • Eric at Ebscer
    The 9650 is expected to have the same screen resolution that the 9700, 9630, and 8900 all have...
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