Formula 1 Timing App for BlackBerry with Circuit Data and Schedules

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Formula One is here with the first races starting this weekend in Bahrain. With the Live Timing App for BlackBerry, you can track the progress of every driver, from their position and best lap time, to their latest sector times and lap count. The app also includes a track status indicator, informing you of yellow/red flags and safety car phases, plus straight-line speeds and text commentary.

The Formula One Timing App also gives you a circuit data screen that lets you know track conditions, with the current air and track temperatures, rainfall, air pressure and humidity levels, plus wind speed and direction. Graphs also allow you to see how conditions have changed throughout the session.

To download the Formula One Timing App, go to from your BlackBerry and download the Live Timing App from the link on the homepage.

  • Ventsi ivanov

    ok, but not available for download yet

  • Georgiev

    approx. 8 MB of data per Grand Prix weekend, according to FAQ…

  • Argh

    Want, but not available yet! tease

  • asturpaco

    Not available from spain, “The application will shortly be available for download for high-end Java-enabled phones and Blackberry. Check this page regularly for the latest on availability.”

  • stereogimmick

    i got it to download but none of the text shows up?? it all shows up as different color a's

  • o837

    It's available now! Check

  • o837

    It's available now! Check

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