Verizon Will Require Customers With BES Express to Upgrade Data Package

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One of the value propositions of BES Express was that corporate users would be able to use their BIS data plans on a BES, thus saving the company money on data plans and a BES license. It turns out Verizon will be requiring all users on BES Express to upgrade their data plan to the corporate rate. It seems RIM may have been unaware Verizon was going to do this, as they said “This means if you can browse the Internet from your BlackBerry smartphone today you are already on a service plan that can be used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.” This is now technically incorrect.

Training memo to VZW tech support and customer service reps:

On March 1, 2010, RIM will launch BES Express (BESX), an entry-level version of BES.As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX.

Note: Customers on the Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 data feature MAY NOT utilize BESX.


BESX replaces BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) in RIM’s product lineup and allows businesses using Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server to support up to 75 BlackBerry subscribers without having to purchase Client Access Licenses (CAL) or a dedicated server. Additional users can be supported if BESX is installed on a dedicated server.

With the launch of BESX, RIM will discontinue the sale of BPS. Verizon Wireless will sell through our remaining BPS inventory and RIM will continue to support this solution for the foreseeable future.

Customer Information/Eligibility:

  • BESX will be available directly from the RIM website. Customers should be directed there for additional product information.
  • BESX will not be available directly from Verizon Wireless.
  • As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX

Reference: Information about current pricing options is available in the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide or on

See the BES Express page in InfoManager for more information.

So what do you think, logical assumption that the data plan must be upgraded or false advertising?

  • haterim
    Its a lie, RIM implies that you can activate using Desktop manager but only if you have a computer in the same domain as the Blackberry server. RIM sucks and I hope they die a speedy death so we don't have to deal with their terrible products. Iphones and Droids work, Blackberrys don't unless you pay pay pay.
  • ButlerBulldawgFan
    i was not able to activate my new BB with besx this week using any method..usb/ota. had I seen this post earlier, I would have gone with AT&T.;
    screw you verizon.
  • BOBO
    OTA is supported on BESX with BES data. Transporter tool works too. Then you just downgrade your data plan after you migrated everyone and enjoy hundreds in savings a year per user with no licenses or higher BES fees.
  • Justmad
    This is incredible - does Verizon have any thought how easy this could be for their customers? time to search for another provider....
  • Eric
    Why doesn't RIM just develop and ActiveSync solution for Verizon customers? F*** Verizon. An iPhone is looking better every day.
  • Bob
    VERIZON again you show your true colors. I hope people spread the word that a cable sync activation will work just fine.

    VERIZON your worse the ATT, at least ATT is a dick to your face.
  • Al
    I have installed BESX and am using Verizon. I did a tethered activation, and am able to wirelessly sync contacts, tasks, calander, and notes. I can send emails using BESX, but am not able to get any emails using BESX. I can however still use the BIS conduit to get emails. I've tried just about everything to be able to get emails using BESX. It seems that Verizon is somehow blocking them. The BESX server says that the message was sent to the device, but it never gets there.
  • nasigoreng
    Hi Al I have the same problem. OTA enterprise activation failed, but with cable and webdesktop the activation worked. After this the user can send emails but not receive any. All the bitching to Verizon makes sense since there is no documentation on what is supported on what plan.
  • Jim L
    Hard to call it false advertising because RIM is still offering BESX, and the functionality it offers, for free. Verizon saw the word "free" though and quickly rectified the situation.
  • cactuscraig
    If the carriers are not going to honor the agreement then RIM should not say "you only need BIS". But I think the carrier can not restrict me from doing a tethered activation.
  • cactuscraig
    It will work - but Verizon is not being very forthcoming in telling their clients that OTA activations will not work. They are just demanding you pay for BES Service. I have a user coming into the office later today and I will be trying the Tether method for activation.
  • RB
    Verizon being greedy. Here in the UK BES Express works fine on a BIS connection, there's no need to be paying extra for BES.

    However if it is used on a BIS bolt on you can't activate OTA, it has to be done via cable.
  • wow
    Wow, what a lot of bitching, whining, and complaining from people who are already getting a free BES, probably not even paying for CALs, and are now crying because BES functionality isn't available without an enterprise-type data plan.

    It seems pretty clear (to me at least) that RIM's FAQ was specifically addressing their own licensing fees and not trying to dictate tiered data plan functionality for every access provider they work with. I'm frankly amazed people are making that assumption.
  • Tbad
    The RIM webpage specifically says that all you need to use BESx is an "internet" plan, and that it will work with ANY internet data plan. without any enterprise data plan.

    "and works with any Internet-enabled BlackBerry data plan or a BlackBerry enterprise data plan."

    So, when the salesdork at the VZW store says that "BLACKBERRY" is charging the extra fee, you can bet that their eyes are brown... and that "BLACKBERRY" requires VERIZON to charge the extra $15 for any phone connecting to a corporate email account.
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