LaterDude Pro Updated to Version 3.0.2 With New Features


Fabian let us know that LaterDude Pro has been updated to version 3.0.2 with some general improvements to the app as well as new features. The app is very useful in that it allows you to set reminders for yourself to call, email or SMS someone. What makes the app even more handy, is that it ties in nicely with the call log, address book and other core BlackBerry functions.

More information available for LaterDude Pro in the BlackBerryCool Store. For those who already own LaterDude Pro, this is a free update.

You can also become a fan of LaterDude Pro on Facebook.

Changes in the version include:

  • When you create a new Calendar Event or Task via LaterDude Pro, you get to use the standard input screen for creating a new PIM Entry. Through that you can simply edit all the necessary info for each Event you create.
  • The reminder time for the Event you set up is always set to 1 min. Through that it does not interfere with any calendars you sync your device with and you don’t have to change the default reminder time like you had to do in the previous versions.
  • A Tell-A-Friend screen is now included, allowing you to spread the word about LaterDude Pro.
  • The standard length for an event created with LaterDude Pro is now 10 min.
  • The subject of an email can be set as the subject of the Calendar Event or Task.
  • When you set an event from the Messages, it does not automatically preselect the ‘email’ keyword.
  • You can add a custom keyword (next to the Call, SMS, eMail, Contact and Meet keywords).
  • The day of the week will get displayed in the Dialog where you can quick-select the time and date for each Event or Task.
  • Many other small bugs have been fixed.