Maximer CRM Mobile Updated with New UI, Navigation and Media Support


Maximizer make a comprehensive CRM application for BlackBerry and they have recently launched Maximizer CRM 11. Maximizer Mobile gives the user real-time information in the field including customers’ history, leads, sales opportunities, dashboards, customer service cases, documents, and schedules. The latest update to Maximizer Mobile features a redesigned tabbed interface, tighter integration with native BlackBerry applications, and more features that enable deeper interaction with real-time customer data.

Specific updates include:

  • Real-time access to content, documents and e-mail attachments housed in the central Maximizer CRM database?.
  • GPS functionality with turn-by-turn maps and navigation, which enables mobilized workforces to optimize their time on the road and get new directions on-the-fly if schedules unexpectedly change?.
  • Multimedia support for video, voice and images that can be easily saved to a current Maximizer CRM record.
  • Mobile CRM multi-user support, which allows users to assign tasks, escalate cases, and assign opportunities to other colleagues without returning to the desktop application.

For a walkthrough of Maximizer, take a look a previous post we did on BlackBerryCool.

More information is available from Maximizer.

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    The latest update to Maximizer Mobile features a redesigned tabbed interface.