Zenprise Launch Smartphone Remote Control Feature


Zenprise have a very robust device management solution that IT administrators use to keep tabs on the mobile deployments across large organizations. Today, they have introduced a new smartphone remote control feature for their device management solution MobileManager. The software enables help desk representatives to remotely connect and view a user’s smartphone screen. Help desk reps can view and walk a user through troubleshooting their device, or they can take control and troubleshoot themselves.

The new feature is available exclusively for BlackBerrys on the network, and is available as part of Zenprise Device Manager. Remote Control is accessed through a web interface from the Device Manager console, and features some of the following:

  • See What the User Sees: Help desk representatives can remotely log onto an employee’s smartphone and control the device’s screen. Once in control, the employee can watch the representative navigate the screen, which can be helpful in training the employee on how to best use the device.
  • Remotely Control and Remediate Device Issues – Remote Control allows help desk personnel to remotely navigate and repair a device in real-time. By remotely navigating a smartphone’s screen, the representative can change configurations, troubleshoot operating system issues, and disable or kill problematic applications or processes.
  • Secure Application Threats Instantly – Virus and malware threats are becoming increasingly pervasive on smartphones. IT security personnel can use Remote Control to isolate and contain threats before they spread to other smartphones by remotely disabling network access, killing rogue processes, uninstalling applications, and removing malware.
  • Find and Ring Lost Smartphones – According to Accenture, 10 to 15 percent of all wireless devices are lost by their owners. Often lost smartphones are merely misplaced or out-of-sight. Remote Control now allows help desk representatives to remotely enable the device’s ringer and call the phone, allowing the employee find and retrieve the device on their own. Undiscoverable or stolen smartphones can also be located and wiped to ensure corporate data is not compromised.

For more information about Zenprise, you can check out their site or Facebook page at Facebook.com/Zenprise.