Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Official OS Upgrade Available


Verizon have officially launched OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 and it looks to be a good update overall, except if you’re someone who uses BlackBerry Messenger Groups. Many users are reporting that they can’t get the keyboard to appear with, which is a deal breaker for a lot of people. If you’re not a BBM Groups user, you can expect a faster browser, some extra free space, and some enhancements to the virtual keyboard (other than in Groups). In order to download this update OTA, you will have to be running official software.

How to Upgrade Your OS.
Download OS from Verizon.

  • scott

    Once I did the upgrade, it deleted my password keeper. That would not have bothered me, but I had 6 different passwords in there, that are now gone.

  • Asim

    I completed the upgrade and it deleted my “lock” icon. I used this ALL the time to lock my keypad. Not a huge deal because of the button at the top of the phone. But I liked having the icon. Annoying that it deleted it without warning.

  • Cedrick

    Both my password keeper and memo app are both gone. I really depended on my password keeper for certain online log on accounts and many other passwords.

  • Gregga62

    I upgraded and some features were lost. The lock phone button is gone, and the media player has lost many features. I now wish I could “downgrade” back to the older version.

  • guest

    Password keeper is not deleted, it moved to the folder “Applications”

  • guest

    Password keeper is not deleted, it moved to the folder “Applications”

  • Bclny2wash

    Password keeper is still there but in my case it is now empty of 100 passwords