Deal of the Day Reminder: miPhone 3G Theme and ReplyGuard

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The BlackBerryCool Deal of the Day is still going strong so be sure to check it out on both your desktop and mobile. Remember, the Store can be accessed by desktop, mobile as well as the on-device application.

See from either your desktop or mobile.
Download the BlackBerryCool App Store to your device from

The desktop Deal of the Day is miPhone 3G.

miPhone 3G is an iPhone-based theme with a similar icon style as well as battery and signal meters at the top just like an iPhone.

More information about miPhone in the store.

The mobile Deal of the Day is ReplyGuard.

ReplyGuard is a simple app that halts the sending process when you send an email to multiple recipients, allowing you to choose whether to continue or not. This app is meant to protect users against having second thoughts about hitting “Reply All”.

More information about ReplyGuard in the mobile store and desktop version.

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